Stable Staff

Vicky Haughton

Assistant Head Girl At Kilduff

Joining us in the summer of 2014 Vicky is a graduate of Elmwood College and the Northern Racing School. She has worked in Newmarket, and more recently with Sandra Low Mitchell at the Balcormo showjumping stud. She has produced young horses and can work the racehorses on the flat and over poles as well as working them on the gallops. In November 2014 she was promoted to barn manager at Kilduff where she helps oversee the bottom yard including the recuperating and resting horses. Vicky has an excellent knowledge of the veterinary side of racing and attends to any post operative and injured horses. She also assists Jordan and Justine in the day to day running of the yard and still finds time to ride out one or two a day. Vicky has horses of her own at home, including previous Arlary racehorses Et Maintenant, Happy River and The Village whom she dotes on and spends her free time caring for.

Barbara Veiga

Second Head Girl At Kilduff

Barbara is from Portugal where her father is a racehorse trainer so Barbara has grown up with horses. She moved to Newmarket in 2018 but the lure of the Scottish air, and her boyfriend Hugo brought her to Kinross where she runs one of the barns and is a second head girl to Jordan. Barbara has high standards and we love her attention to detail; her horses are always well turned out and she is quick to pick up on anything that is wrong. She is an able deputy to Jordan and attends the morning meetings to help plan for the days work. Barbara stays in one for the cottages at Kilduff and has the important job of morning feeds at six o'clock, feeding all the horses at Kilduff and making sure that they are healthy and ready for the day.

Katie Carr

Barn Manager At Kilduff

Katie joined us in the summer of 2014 as an assistant yard girl at Kilduff and subsequently gained her HNC at Oatridge College. In the summer of 2015 she helped on the ground at Kilduff overseeing the care of a mix of horses in training and those recuperating from injury. In January 2018 Katie moved to Arlary to help Alex with the turn out and brushing off. In July 2018 Katie returned to Kilduff and was promoted to barn manager there looking after the fillies and horses in training. Katie loves riding her ex Arlary inmates Blazin White Face and Spirit Oscar when she is not at work and aims to compete Blazin in ROR and show classes in the near future.

Catherine Macrae

Barn Manager At Kilduff

Catherine arrived at South Kilduff in the autumn of 2018. Having gained her MA in English and International Relations she is taking time out to work with horses before maybe returning to university to do her PHD. Catherine was in Fife Hunt Pony Club and has always had a love for horses and is a very efficient and conscientious member of staff. Along with Barbara she looks after the twenty four block at Kilduff and the two girls have the barn and horses pristine and well looked after. One of those people who will be good at whatever she does, Catherine has been a super addition to the team.

Emma Low

Barn Manager At Kilduff

Emma started with us part time in the winter of 2016, and left us to have a baby, Heather. In June 2017 she returned full time and is now a barn manager at Kilduff. In charge of twelve horses she attends to their every need from brushing off, assisting injury management, turn out, hosing legs and making sure their manes are neat and tidy. 

Rita Gillies

Yard Girl At Arlary

Rita is Campbell Gillies' sister and she came to work for us full time in December 2012 having worked occassionally for us before then. She helps Ciorstaidh at Arlary, and her jobs include putting on the back massage machines, veterinary care, taking horses off the walkers, washing off horses after galloping, brushing off and spending time with each horse. When Rita is not working she loves to go racing to cheer on her family owned horses, and to spend time with her Mum and brother Finlay.

Iona Gourlay

Part Time Rider And Yard At Kilduff

Iona is a graduate of the Northern Racing School and came here in 2018 after a spell with Nick Alexander. With a good manner around the horses Iona both rides and helps on the ground and is a great relief worker, helping in the different barns when the other girls have days off or holidays.